October 25, 2007

Work song

Reviewing the Arthur Berger Memorial Concert at NEC.
Boston Globe, October 25, 2007.


Robert F. Jones said...

Remembering Arthur Berger: I studied at Brandeis in the late 60s and took more than one class with Berger. I remember the occasion when during a discussion of Mozart’s “Dissonance” Quartet, Berger brought up the attack on the piece by Sarti. With Berger’s r-less accent, the class thought he was talking about Satie. We couldn’t imagine why on earth Erik Satie would attack Mozart’s cross relations. Berger tried to clarify: “No, no, no! Not SAA-tie, SAAH-tie.” When this eventually got straightened out, we then came aground on the word “apotomē” – none of us had heard of it; I don’t think I’ve heard it since. (It seems that Sarti [not Satie] was bothered by Mozart’s ignorance of it.) Hippopotami came to mind. Which is why I always think of a hippopotamus when I hear the second bar of KV 465.

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