October 30, 2007

Save situation

Reviewing Itzhak Perlman.
Boston Globe, October 30, 2007.

Concert and review preceded Game 4, but with the way the World Series was going, I figured I better get in a baseball reference while I could before the long winter. My lovely rabid-Red-Sox-fan wife and I then watched the game at a bar, surrounded by loud drunk people, which is, really, the only way to see a team clinch. (Good thing, too—had the Red Sox lost, I have a feeling those guys would have gone out and keyed every car in the lot.)

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bsharp said...

Excellent review, right on the mark. I went to the concert just to hear him play Bach (I think Perlman's rendition of the Chaconne is the best ever) -- and was very disappointed.

-- Sergei