October 15, 2007

America Drinks and Goes Home

More composer beer: Frank Zappa ale, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of Absolutely Free.

(The same brewery has also released an ale in honor of Freak Out!) I keep waiting for this to be a trend. Composer/beer puns abound: Quincy Porter, Alan Stout, C.P.E. Bock—but for my money, nothing would beat a Virgil Thomson Unfiltered Wheat.


Adam Baratz said...

I've seen that beer before but I don't get it. Zappa was such a straightedge that he probably wouldn't drink his own beer.

Matthew said...

He wouldn't—although he was a coffee and cigarette fiend. So we'll consider it a parallel vice, not an incongruous one. (The brewery did get the permission of the Zappa estate to use the name, images, etc.)

I actually just polished that bottle off, and I must say, this is some seriously good beer. Sort of a citrusy cross between a single and double IPA, with a nice honeysuckle overtone. Grab it if you find it. (Hoppy and slightly bitter, if that's a dealbreaker.)

Unknown said...

With this brewery being from Petaluma, do think there will be any chance for a beer in honor of Harry Partch? Maybe Hobo Red; Partch Bitter; Partch's Thirsty ale

just a thought