June 20, 2007

Strauss and Mahler Re-Enact Your Favorite Movie Moments (2)

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Ear Trumpet said...

Hello Matthew -- The S and M comic strip afforded some welcome giggles. Giggles are A Good Thing.

But ... Gustav Mahler DID know how to swim. I just ran this quickly by Henry Louis de la Grange. Not only that, Alfred Roller said that Mahler had a great body.

You could have had Mahler saying: "Lieber Richard, my physician has advised me no longer to swim or take any other form of strenuous exercise."

It's let's-be-pedantic day here in 02139.

Therefore ...Stephen Walsh in his recent book has asserted that Stravinsky couldn't swim.

Well he can't have seen the Richard Leacock documentary which shows the great man at home in Beverly Hills emerging from his swimming pool all wet and happy.

Therefore ...

Ear Trumpet said...

An extraneous and unintended "Therefore ..." got into the Stephen Walsh paragraph.

The one at the end was intended.


Matthew said...

Ear trumpet: yeah, I know. But never let the facts stand in the way of a good joke, or something like that. (As for the cheap pseudo-Freudian explanation, at least Freud and Mahler did actually meet.)

Walsh is beyond reproach because he's not even funny. Besides, how could he miss that photo in the Taruskin book of Igor standing buck naked on a pier, obviously getting ready to skinny-dip? Boggles the mind.

Elaine Fine said...

I am impressed with your cartooning!

Unknown said...

This shit is hot!

Ben.H said...

An exception to the rule that sequels are poor imitations of the original.