June 25, 2007

On the Trail

Reviewing the Sick Puppy Iditarod.
Boston Globe, June 25, 2007.


h said...

did you really stay for the whole thing?? quite impressive!

btw, our performance of zimmermann's Erde-Wasser-Luft-Töne was prepared with heavy non-stick masking tape and blankets. drury's performance of it in jordan hall used steel putty.

glad you enjoyed the iditarod!

Matthew said...

Darn right I stuck it out—I like to get my money's worth, even at free shows. I didn't even discover the brownies until the second intermission.

Back in the day when the Brattle Theater in Cambridge did all double-features, I once plunked down my six bucks (there, that'll date me) for a Kubrick two-fer: Spartacus and Barry Lyndon. That's less than a dollar an hour. I love marathons.