June 04, 2007

E nulla! Arida landa… non un filo d'acqua

Phil at Dial "M" requests drink recipes. Even critic-at-large Moe starts licking his chops at that kind of prospect. So here's a nice summer companion to the Dark Lady. Name, as always, courtesy of my thoroughly operatic wife.


2 oz. gin
2 oz. dry rosé wine
1/2 oz. rose water
1/2 oz. grenadine
1/2 oz. triple sec or Grand Marnier

Shake thoroughly with cracked ice and strain into the stemmed glass of your choice.

A squirt of lemon juice is a salutary addition as well. You'll want to shake it until it's quite cold, due to the grenadine and the triple sec; if it's still too sweet for you, better to cut down on the former than the latter.

While you're at it, mix up a couple for these two. They look like they could use it.

That's Kiri Te Kanawa and Placido Domingo in Puccini's take, Manon Lescaut. The late, great Giuseppe Sinopoli conducts.

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