February 29, 2008

That face

Bits and pieces...

Lots of composer portraits this week. Now it's J. S. Bach—as played by Rod Steiger. (Daniel Wolf already expressed some mild skepticism as to the point of this exercise; this clumsy organist would probably have been more interested in reconstructions of the man's feet.)

Feeling low? Wrong way up? Not as discreet as you'd like? Have your entire virtual life scored on a moment-to-moment basis by Brian Eno!

Philip Glass: cello sugar daddy.

And, this being a leap year it's February 29th—Gioacchino Rossini turns 52, Jimmy Dorsey turns 26, Dinah Shore turns 23*, and Anne-Carolyn is still younger than her Knob Creek.

Update (2/29): I originally had all these ages a year off, having factored in the exception for years divisible by 100, but not the exception to the exception for years divisible by 400. Talk about metric modulation.

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Elaine Fine said...

Looks like the eyebrows were drawn by the same artist who did Strauss'.