February 26, 2008

Alternate universe fake photo of the day

February 26, 1962: Luciano Berio visits the set of Radio Milan, the madcap Richard Lester-helmed film biography of the composer, starring Peter Sellers.


Karl Henning said...

Interestingly, my mom-in-law and I were watching The Ladykillers only last night.


Henry Holland said...

Well, Peter Sellers *was* the "avant-garde pianist" (according to IMDb) Henry Orient in the eponymous 1964 film, so that's not so far-feteched, is it? Is there a Sequenza for piano?

Matthew said...

There is a piano Sequenza (no. IV). And I'm a big Henry Orient fan.

Civic Center said...

Ken Lauber's parody of an "avant-garde" piano concerto is one of my favorite things in one of my favorite all-time movies, and I can't tell you how many times I've been listening to something at the San Francisco Symphony thinking, "that sounds like the ridiculous concerto from The World of Henry Orient. Where's Peter Sellers when you need him?"

Anonymous said...

"A thousand dinars to anyone who can find a gray hair on my head! [Barber delightedly produces one.] Very funny, very funny."

Tippy Walker disappeared from public life, as best I can tell, but Merrie Spaeth reappeared as a Republican Party functionary in the 90's. Go know.