March 23, 2009

He that planted the ear, shall he not hear?

Happy Birthday Julius Reubke!

Reubke: Der 94ste Psalm. Sonate für die Orgel (played by Dong-ill Shin, Arjen Leistra, and Dora Barclay)

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Robert F. Jones said...

Whew! For a moment I thought this was a rare clip of the North Korean dictator playing the organ, then I realized I had misread the Korean name. Cf. the following quote from

'More remarkable, it turns out, Kim's father was a Christian. Korea was fertile ground for Christianity in the early twentieth century, partly because Christianity was a way to quietly express defiance of the Japanese colonial rulers who had formally annexed the country in 1910. Kim's father attended a school founded by missionaries, and later attended church regularly; he was also a church organist. He taught Kim Il Sung to be an organist as well, and the boy attended church throughout his teens. "I, too, was interested in church," he once wrote, but later "I became tired of the tedious religious ceremony and the monotonous preaching of the minister, so I seldom went," although he acknowledged receiving "a great deal of humanitarian assistance from Christians." Still, after taking power, Kim completely wiped out Christianity from his country, keeping a couple of churches for show but staffing them with actors and actresses to impress foreign visitors with his tolerance.'