March 09, 2009


Is your Monday as bleary as mine? A tonic: go here to watch The Bad Plus rip through Babbitt's "Semi-Simple Variations." With dancing girls. Though I suspect the Broadway-connoisseur Babbitt would have liked a kick-line finale.


rbonotto said...

I knew Babbitt 15 years ago as a regular customer in my store (Princeton Record Exchange -- I used to set aside first pressing DG LPs for him), and as a fellow member of the NJ Composers' Guild. One time we got on a long discussion of Rita Hayworth movies, partly because Charles Amirkhanian was talking about George Anthiel's doings with Hedy Lamarr.

So ... no, this video ain't out of place at all.

rebecca.hunt said...

Bad Plus is playing at Berklee on April 3rd, and I've already got tickets.