November 14, 2006

They've got a little list

Some quick videos while I wait for dinner to come out of the oven.

Our friend Rebecca Hunt sent along this video from the Helsinki Complaints Choir. Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen collect everyone's major and minor annoyances, then make a choral setting of them. They've organized choirs in Birmingham, St. Petersburg, and Hamburg as well, but you can't beat that Scandinavian choral sound.

Apparently, what the world needs now is a marching band version of "Verklärte Nacht." You might not recognize it at first, because it's the filling in a medley sandwich, encased in two slices of Shostakovich. This is the Stephen F. Austin High School Marching Band and Dance Team, based in Sugar Land, Texas—that's Tom DeLay's old district, isn't it? You Texans are wacky.

And what of those crazy kids across the pond? Here's Michael Tippett (who provided the name for this blog, so we always like him) conducting the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, circa 1969, in a bit of Charles Ives' "Putnam's Camp." The students nail it—not just technically, but that goofy mash-up Ives spirit as well. Why more children's concerts aren't all-Ives affairs I'll never know.

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