November 03, 2006

Rocket 88

It's Friday! Stop working and watch TV!

And of course, there'll be sport: Blair McMillen plays Annie Gosfield's "Brooklyn, October 5, 1941" for baseballs, mitt and piano.

(I'm pretty sure this was on NewMusicBox a while back, but hey, it's a cool piece: listen to it again. And then, as long as you're thinking of it, you can listen to Nicholas Slonimsky's legendary "Black-Key Etude á l'Orange."

And for those of you who prefer drama—there's sport. You knew Scarlatti was ahead of his time—Donal Fox shows just how much more ahead of his time he was than you realized.

For those of you who don't like variety, there's variety. Amos Milburn sings and plays "Bad, Bad Whiskey." Really, you ought to have hit "play" by the time I got through "Amos Milburn."

And now for something completely different: the brilliant Tom Waits visits the brilliant "Fernwood Tonight" to sing the brilliant song "The Piano Has Been Drinking" and the results are predictably brilliant.

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