February 20, 2012

Horse trading

Reviewing Vladimir Spivakov and Olga Kern.
Boston Globe, February 20, 2012.

The Schubert-Franko "Valse sentimentale" Spivakov played for an encore was new to me; are there any violinists out there that can tell me exactly what Schubert waltz Franko arranged? Or was he passing off his own piece as Schubert's, à la Kreisler?


Brian McCreath said...

Kern and Spivakov played the Valse Sentimentale in our studio last Friday afternoon. It comes up 25:49 in the audio here:

cellomom said...

After listening to the studio recording from last week, I have spent a moderatate amount of time searching for the score, but with no success. I would really like to play this.

cellomom said...

I did find several references to this score (copyright recorded at the Library of Congress) and this listing of which libraries it's available in


Unfortunately, I haven't found a commercial source for purchasing it yet.

cellomom said...

I have found the source for the "outer" sections of this piece. It's from the German Dances (Deutsche Tanze) Op. 33 No. 10, originally for solo piano. I haven't been able to find the source for the middle section.

I also haven't been able to track down why this transcription is labelled "Valse sentimentale" when the original is labelled as a German Dance (and not Waltz or Valse Sentimentale, which are specific names I found for other Schubert piano solo works).