September 08, 2008

Power ballot

Babbitt/Wuorinen '08: Opportunity for EVERY Pitch
Reich/Riley 08: Making America Great—AGAIN
Elliott Carter for President: Changing Time for Changing Times
Leonard Bernstein 08: Tanned, Rested, Ready

Samuel Beckett for President: Yes We Can't


Sator Arepo said...

Dude. Did you do these? They're awesome.

Rodney Lister said...

You know that Babbitt decries, early and often, the idea of "one note one vote."

Lisa Hirsch said...

Matthew, please tell me I can buy those at Cafe Press.

rbonotto said...

Thanks, Matt. I forwarded the Beckett one to a couple of people (I once played Willie in 'Happy Days' at the BCA.) I know Babbitt would be pleased being a pop icon -- he and I once spent a half-hour talking about Rita Hayworth movies.

But ....dude, where's the microtonal contingent? (And don't tell me the vote was split.)

Matthew said...

Sator: Made 'em myself. Play around with fonts for half an hour, and you realize how overpaid most campaign graphic designers must be.

Rodney: Is Babbitt against "one note, one vote," or for mandatory, enforced voting for every note that has the franchise? (Being from Chicago, I myself am largely agnostic on this point.)

Lisa: I'm just too lazy to get a CafePress store set up, but click on each one, and you'll get a full-size version to print out.

Robert: I had a Johnston-Sims ticket on the drawing board, but I couldn't come up with a slogan beyond "Divide and Conquer," which I thought was kind of lame. Anybody has a better idea, I'll whip up a sticker.

Sator Arepo said...

"Harry Partch: 43 votes per person!"

Rodney Lister said...

Absolutely against one note one vote.He's for hierarchy.

Grimshizzle said...

La Monte Young For President.


rbonotto said...







f e l d m a n

f o r

p r e s i


M-J said...

"Tanned. Rested. Ready."

If you're gonna steal from the Good Doctor, at least acknowledge the source. And Lenny Bernstein? Please.

Michael said...

This just made my day. Whew. Thank you!

Matthew said...

m-j: Who exactly is this "Good Doctor" you refer to? "Tanned, rested, and ready" originated with Richard Nixon's 1968 comeback. Bernstein, by the way, figured on at least one version of Nixon's infamous "enemies list"; my sense of humor may be mostly random, but it's not completely random.