July 08, 2008


From the Mahler-Werfel papers at the University of Pennsylvania: (L to R) Alma Mahler, Don Ameche, Franz Werfel, "unknown man," and Claudette Colbert, ca. 1943. The "unknown man" looks an awful lot like famous director and communist-hater Sam Wood, which means this was likely taken on the set of the movie Guest Wife. Alma probably got a kick out of that. (Thanks to reader Ben Weiss for the tip. Bonus: Nazi officials cross-dressing with Anna Mahler!)

In other news:

James Levine will miss the rest of the Tanglewood season—including the Carterpalooza—to have a kidney removed.

More get-well cards: Dame Joan Sutherland is recovering in a Swiss hospital after breaking both her legs in a fall.

More opera: that La Scala version of An Inconvenient Truth is set to be directed by none other than William Friedkin.

More critics? The Guardian is sponsoring a Young Critics' Competition. The question is: who would you really like to see lie about their age and enter?


Anonymous said...

It'll be tough getting along with only one kidney. Among many others, the kids in TMC orchestra must be very disappointed. Who's going to conduct all that Carter? One of my friends suggested Marek Janowski, and she reminded me it was he who conducted the Schoenberg Chamber Symphony with the BSO at short notice in Carnegie Hall a while back.

Matthew said...

Olly Knussen and Stefan Asbury are already handling some of the conducting duties, so I would imagine they'll get some extra work. I'm interested to see if the current BSO assistant conductors get the call—they would have learned at least some of the recent BSO-commissioned pieces, and Shi-Yeon Sung is already out there that week.

Sator Arepo said...

Is there a middle-aged meta-critic competition? No?


Matthew said...

SA: Actually, there is.

Sator Arepo said...

Wow. Who knew?

Oh. You, I guess.

I could do without the techno music and flash webcrap on the site, but I'll check it out.