January 04, 2008

What a movie

Psst... hey, Hollywood:

Sean Penn as Leonard Bernstein. Just a suggestion.

Penn photo by the Associated Press. Bernstein photo by Jack Mitchell.

Update (1/4): Our good friend Mark Meyer works the requisite celluloid magic:


Henry Holland said...

Would they show drunken bisexual Lenny or would that be whitewashed? Would they show the chainsmoking? The lechery with straight guys? The diva attitude?

I saw his second to last public appearance (a rehearsal at Tanglewood: terrible Four Sea Interludes and a Beethoven 7th so bad my friend I went with still talks about it) and he was in bad shape. Hard to see how Hollywood would wring the usual biopic redemption angle out of the end of his life.

It would be nice to see a re-creation of the infamous party he threw for the Black Panthers, though!

Ben.H said...

Diva attitude and radical chic? How could Penn possibly resist? Oscar moments aplenty!

He'd probably be better in a scene-stealing supporting role in someone else's story, than in an all-Lenny biopic.

Matthew said...

Then again, didn't Lenny pretty much pioneer the role of the scene-stealing leading man?

BabbleOn Telecom said...

Perfect for the role!

Jason said...

Sean Penn as Lenny. Replace the baton with a certain finger, and we're in business.