September 04, 2007


prelude 1 m. 1

Four Preludes (2007) (PDF, 261 KB)

A handful of amuses-doigts for the new month. The last one originally had a literary-referential title that I thought was pretty clever, but I found myself getting annoyed that I couldn't come up with names for the other three, so I just dropped the appellation. (Why not just leave only one piece titled, you ask? I dunno.) Anybody who can guess what it was wins a free beer the next time they're in Boston.


Roni said...

Matthew, is there some kind of recording available? Even a midi one is better than nothing..

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Matthew said...

If I have some time this week, I'll try and tweak one to the point where it sounds vaguely like what I want. Thanks for asking!

Roni said...

Great! Looking forward to hearing it.

Philipp said...

Title guess: It sure ain't "Le Cygne" - how about "Tempest" ?