April 27, 2007

Why We Fight

... with the piano, that is. It's a practice day, which, seeing as how I played a recital last night, will require extra motivation for my default-lazy fingers. (Spring can really hang you up the most, once it gets to end-of-the-semester juries.) Anyway, this is what'll keep me going today: Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Roy Eldredge, and a whole bunch more, giving "Fine and Mellow" a bluesy workout. If practicing is all about being ready just in case lightning strikes, this is a musical anvil cloud. (Via Hester, who writes about it beautifully.)

I'll add another: one of my favorites, the late British virtuoso John Ogdon, making a portion of Liszt's "Apr├Ęs une Lecture de Dante" look way too easy.



Wow, that's quite a time lag Ogdon's working with! I've heard of conductors who gesture way ahead of the beat, but I don't think any orchestra could react with the delayed precision of that piano. On the other hand, it must be painful when he knows he's missed a note and has to wait that extra second to hear it.

Matthew said...

Ain't YouTube grand? There's opera clips that end up looking like dubbed Japanese monster movies.

HH said...

so glad you were able to find motivation to practice. youtube is indeed grand.