August 15, 2006

Great tastes that taste great together

Over at the Globe this morning, Richard Dyer seems to be in an unusually dialectical mood in reviewing a couple of last week's Tanglewood concerts. Historically informed performance vs. unrelieved Romanticism, celebrity vs. musicality, big picture guy vs. micromanager—it's all here, a mouth-watering Hegelian smorgasbord.

And then (referring to said micromanager) Dyer tosses in one last either-or:
He is a truly formidable musician, but an unsmiling one, and there is no room for playfulness or charm in an approach built on precision and power.

Yeah, those things never go together.

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Amy said...

Amen to that, Signore Guerrieri! Thanks for the inspiration. Write on, write on (right on).